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Capital needed

€ 150,000

India, Maharashtra

We have investment need for our Turmeric Production through Hydroponics with kurkmin level is more than 5% which 100% Exportable with residue free certificate.

Capital needed

USD 1,500,000


Dear Investor, a world without food will be a mess for us as humans. Families living in poverty usually can't afford nutritious food, leading to undernourishment. In turn, undernourishm

Capital needed

USD 500,000


Kachido Rice is one of our new project at the Kachido Integrated Farms Limited and this product is coming at the best time of the economy when food is need by everyone in the world to get an affo

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000


Nepal is agro farming country in South Asia. Nepal's weather and farming land are bio-diversity. Based on weather and season, farming land are available in three categories such cold areas in Himalaya

Capital needed

USD 10,000,000


Floyd Line Investment Ltd is youth and agribusiness i Kenya. With both local and international markets with engagement local institutions for guarantee with support from Kenya government, European Uni

Capital needed

USD 150,000


We will be building an Hydroponic Farm rite here in Jamaica. We will be producing Strawberries, Lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and a lot more vegetables and fruits. Most of the vegetables and fruits a

Capital needed

USD 800,000


We are a farming company growing food crops both for local and international markets for the past eighty years. We are looking at expanding to meet demands and to value add for export

Capital needed

USD 900,000


Worldwide the demand for fish and fish products is ever increasing. In Zambia the demand for fish has continued to increase resulting in over fishing in most of the water bodies that has consequently

Capital needed

EUR 1,000,000

Ivory Coast (Cote D`Ivoire)

1. TITLE OF THE PROJECT: AGRI BIO CONCEPT Project for the initial establishment of a village agro pastoral organic farm on 35 hectares. The initial set-up based on modern rice cultivation (envisaged

Capital needed

EUR 60,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

COMPANY PROFILE579 housefarm Catfish Hatchery is a fishing company established since 2016.The company is engaged specifically in the field of aquaculture with catfish commodities in breeding and

Australia, Queensland

New Water resources to be developed and licensed for commercial sales to industry specialist in Aquaculture, Agriculture & Horticulture for future Global Food Production & Food Security right