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Capital needed

EUR 5,000,000

Netherlands, Noord-Holland

We Save The World is part of Zevenhek Holding. The objective is to buy companies and use 50% of net corporate profits for charity projects. This is partly supported by the Contribution Mortgage develo

Capital needed

USD 600,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

Dear Investor,We invite smart investor to join our financial business model. From this we can get 10 to 15% per month. Please feel free if you are interest in our plan.Regards,Team

Capital needed

EUR 2,000,000

South Africa

Funeral parlourMashalom funeral undertakersI'm looking for a 5 to 10 years business growth funding at a rate percentage of 5 to 20%.As repayment of R5 000 to R10 000 monthly repayments,20% yearly adde

Capital needed

EUR 50,000

South Africa, Gauteng

Our company offers legal insurance services to low and middle income earners who found that accessing justice is highly impossible due to high fees associated hiring lawyers. Majority of South African


Problem:Millions of people in Zambia (world) live with limited access to water. In many communities, ground water is extracted through electric water pumps, which use diesel to fuel their systems.Howe

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Sweden, Västra Götaland

The purpose of this document is to support the case for a USD100,000.- investment in an Investment Fund, that is focused on near riskless trades with very high-profit potential. The kind of trading-st

USA, Nueva Jersey

After so many other exchanges failed, the founding members decided it was time to openly operate an exchange and provide a place where traders could have confidence.What distinguished Fides Exchange f