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Capital needed

€ 5,000,000


We are wine company in searching of investor for an great wine toursim project

Finland, Pohjois-Karjala

Valandmar Oy, company based in Joensuu, Finland, plans to expand into the production of vacuum-packed peeled fresh and boiled vegetables and vegetable salads of long-term storage. The name of the proj

Capital needed

€ 150,000


Our city is the biggest in our country with lots of foreigners working here. But the market is only full of traditional local pastries and deserts and hardly any vegetarian ones. We suggest a new stre

Capital needed

USD 250,000

Australia, New South Wales

Start up Hospitality company with several project in Australia require funding or investor for a franchise in a unique concept with 30 years of expertise in hospitality.  


Dear to become local branches of multinational firms and factories I have made an agreement on sourcing of the ripe cashew apples for the project local implementation where the fermented juice is filt

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

Fish salt is a delicious food for eats. Very high vitamin and calciumWe buy all salt fish from fisherman at Natuna islandI think salt fish is a prospect business in the future

Capital needed

€ 500,000

New Zealand

Coffee roastery , catering to local and international market , Product of New Zealand.

Capital needed

EUR 5,000

Philippines, Negros Oriental

Good day!!!My business is already existing for almost 5 years, but the thing is i am doing it home based only, i wanted to expand my business and create another branch since i already have a lot of cu

Capital needed

USD 300,000

Nigeria, Lagos

IntroWe started producing our 31-10 alcoholic beverages in 2016. we registered four products with the government agency incharge of processing approval for those who want to manufacture edibles and dr

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000

Tunisia, Ariana

The company realized during year 2011 an ultra modern conditioning of olive oil factory, the production of which is essentially intended for the export, the unity is now fully certified ISO 22000,

Capital needed

€ 10,000

Philippines, Misamis Oriental

The business started when the demand for ready-to-cook merchandise during this COVID lockdown surged. Most restaurants and other food businesses came up with the idea of opening their stores for merch

Capital needed

USD 80,000


My company in Egypt will produce frozen vegetables and fruits such as Broccoli,cauliflower,green beans,vegetable mix,french fries potato and strawberry all Grade A and my company in Russia will import

USA, Texas

2XL Swagger Brands is a spirits brand producing herbal liqueurs meant to provide aphrodisiac qualities to drinkers. With gender-specific spirits and highly-differentiated branding, 2XL Swagger Brand