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USA, Virginia

INTROWe're building a world's first and unique technology (4D imaging holographic AR Head-up display) for global automotive market, that includes our invented proprietary True holographic AR technolog

USA, Nueva York

I, the initiator and CEO of the Human Ecological Business Holding International in New York, USA, invite maximum 10 future-oriented entrepreneurs/companies worldwide to benefit from a partnership in a


The business activity consists of the production of complete greenhouse kits (L x W x H - 6x3x1.9 m).The greenhouse walls completely block out the sunlight allowing to fully control the growth by dedi

Capital needed

USD 2,800,000


Experienced project team will build tourist attractive monument with indoorrestaurant on top of a hill in capital city Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia. This will be the first attractive monument of the t

Capital needed

EUR 80,000,000


World Advanced OG  Cloud-base SmartphoneOur aim is to simply create “Unbelievable, Unthinkable Technology”. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your hand but a

Capital needed

USD 200,000

USA, Pensilvania

I am seeking a $200,000 investment for a new business start up.Depending on which country you live in, you may qualify to own 100% of the new business,and simply contract with us to manage the busines

Capital needed

USD 2,000,000

USA, Texas

Short Summary South Plains finds abandoned, orphaned & neglected oil properties & successfully de

Singapore, Central Region

OVERVIEW:Enterprise SaaS software platform for running and managing bookings & appointment-based businesses, globally. SQ simplifies and consolidates the business, marketing, customer experience,

Capital needed

EUR 5,000,000


WHO WE AREADvantage is developing a novel drug, termed AD04, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Aluminium oxyhydroxide at a specific dose and therapeutic schedule was used as control i

Capital needed

€ 650,000

Sri Lanka

Regarding this ongoing project, me (Swiss) and my local Partner (Sri Lankan, Sinhala) founded our company in summer 2016. My Partner has a degree cookery and hotel management school as well as several

Capital needed

€ 350,000


Menley'S Catering & Évent Planning,est une entreprise Haïtienne,qui evolue dans le domaine de la restauration et de l'événementiel.C'est une entreprise fondée et 2015 et détenue à 100% par une fem

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000


Seahorse Management Company Limited (SMCL) is a Business, Management and financial advisory firm that was established in March 2018 with the view to provide market-leading experience and services that


Proveer un servicio de transporte para la movilización de equipos y herramientas de perforación, re-acondicionamiento de pozos, y completaciones para la producción en los campos y pozos petroleros en

Capital needed

€ 3,000,000


We install fabric removable and washable mosquito nets for windows/doors.We install on all types of windows/doors.This helps alot to prevent entry of mosquitoes and other flying insects from invading

Australia, Western Australia

Dear Sir/Madam,I am seeking help to fund my project in Western Australia to continue to conduct development so as to start Climate Change reversal process and the result also ensure food and fuel secu

Capital needed

USD 2,000,000


A startup business into drilling tools and mining logistics which needs an investor to partner the business and make it come to live. We have suppliers and we need an investor to inject $ 2,000,000 in

India, Rajasthan

We are looking for an investor who actually invests capital for our startup, either as loan or as a partner. We need about 60 lakh rupees. We will get 10% of our investment weekly. If he invests in th

Germany, Bayern

Please read complete!We take care of all partners for the purchase and sale, provide the complete infrastructure and databases.Direct investment, strategic partnerships (or silent partnerships for 10%

USA, Florida

Greetings.My name is Todd H. A local screenwriter who is attempting to seek production of my biopic screenplay (feature-length film) based on the biographical lifestory/challenges of Saint Patrick of

Germany, Bayern

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