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USA, California

The reinvented the "Level", using "Square Sights instead of Vial Sights".  This speeds-up referencing; having the sight where you need it. (Patent Pending)

Capital needed

EUR 3,500,000

Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen

 Agricultural and Metals Trading AccounterAgricultural Trading: House, garden, supplies, petfood, products of agriculture. Metal trade:               

United Kingdom, South East

Huge potential property is within 5 to 10 minutes’ walk of the coast, high street shops,two Train stations, hospital, several different colleges, bus station. Purchase Price £600,000 agreed verbally w


DeTrip® a unique product decreasing the effects of alcohol consumption. DeTrip® would be made available in 2 capsules packed a functional beverage or other. When taken, one becoming less int

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Australia, Queensland

Simply explained WATERLINQ i2021 to extract water from the atmosphere at places needing it most and with minimal energy required thus allowing cost per litre of fresh water to be obtained. I

United Kingdom, London

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope you’re very well. I hope your interested in investments within films. Help raise fund as buyer for our feature films within the UK's largest film marketPlease req

Capital needed

GBP 1,000,000

United Kingdom

DESCRIPTIONWe are an independent band.We are different, original, and unique.We are mainly alternative rock orientated.We use the drums and guitars as instruments.We are trying to gather awareness for

Capital needed

€ 75,000,000


I offer land of 25000 m2 for building a mall with residential property of 4 buildings included gas station in the center of the city 25 km from bulgaria and 70 km from greece extra exclusive and visit

Capital needed

€ 10,000

Philippines, Misamis Oriental

The business started when the demand for ready-to-cook merchandise during this COVID lockdown surged. Most restaurants and other food businesses came up with the idea of opening their stores for merch

Capital needed

GBP 50,000

United Kingdom, South East

Imagine a piece of software that can completely control the management of your computers and all associated software and hardware linked to it?Imagine this software continually monitors and manages yo

Capital needed

€ 400,000

South Africa, Gauteng

Good dayMy name is Jason, and I have been involved in the electrical motor repairs industry all my life, I was recently retrenched from the company where I worked for over 19 years.I started at the bo

Capital needed

USD 2,500,000

USA, Wisconsin

We have developed handheld and NQR devices for optical detection that will change the industry. In cannabis we can read leaf, grind, oil, bud and detect Hemp from Marijuana down to 0.2%THC. In the dru

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000

India, Delhi

We are manufacturing India's first hyper sports car with electric powertrain. We are also working on autonomous cars and AI safety features for all vehicles to reduce road accidents fatalities. We are

Capital needed

USD 150,000

Ecuador, Loja

Nuestra empresa es un software inteligente que une o hace visible a los clientes que desean hacer envíos de carga pesada con cientos de transportistas a nivel nacional que ya pertenecen a nuestra red.

Capital needed

EUR 1,000,000


Rethink mobility Mobility is revolutionized more than ever in our days. We experience how travel andpersonal mobility are going through monumental changes. Technology of todaymakes it possible to d

Philippines, Cebu

OrcaPod Co. is a Remote Staffing Solutions firm provides 24/7 on-demand support and services to growing businesses and busy entrepreneurs. Its mission is to give the customers the time and support the

Capital needed

USD 80,000


THE PLANET is a children TV Series show consisting of six episodes of 24 minute each. It is intended for a global audience of 8 - 12 yrs/old both male and female. THE PLANET is a Sci-Fi fantasy c

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Jamaica, Middlesex

It is my intention to have a learning center in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica that will cater to adults and children with learning challenges. The center will be structured to have different sp

Capital needed

USD 500,000,000

Papua New Guinea

I am seeking investors to JV with us in a newly startup oil and gas projects here in Madang Province coastal off Papua New Guinea.

Capital needed

USD 900,000


Worldwide the demand for fish and fish products is ever increasing. In Zambia the demand for fish has continued to increase resulting in over fishing in most of the water bodies that has consequently