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Singapore, Central Region

OVERVIEW:Enterprise SaaS software platform for running and managing bookings & appointment-based businesses, globally. SQ simplifies and consolidates the business, marketing, customer experience,

USA, Virginia

INTROWe're building a world's first and unique technology (4D imaging holographic AR Head-up display) for global automotive market, that includes our invented proprietary True holographic AR technolog

Australia, Western Australia

Dear Sir/Madam,I am seeking help to fund my project in Western Australia to continue to conduct development so as to start Climate Change reversal process and the result also ensure food and fuel secu

Capital needed

USD 1,000,000


 We are Leaders on electric vehicle on selling in most Europe countries online by Marketplaces and contracts with Chain Stores like Carrefour, Auchan, Hervis and Intersport: Our  company pro

Capital needed

USD 800,000

USA, Colorado

Significant advance in neuroscience enables simulation of human intelligence and1st stage Autonomous Super Intelligence.

Capital needed

USD 1,000,000


Manufacturing and distribution of Clean energy systems especially for cooking ( Cook Stoves and Clean burning Fuel) - We work with skilled and experienced engineers and marketers to develop high effic