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USA, Virginia

INTROWe're building a world's first and unique technology (4D imaging holographic AR Head-up display) for global automotive market, that includes our invented proprietary True holographic AR technolog

Singapore, Central Region

OVERVIEW:Enterprise SaaS software platform for running and managing bookings & appointment-based businesses, globally. SQ simplifies and consolidates the business, marketing, customer experience,

Capital needed

USD 3,000,000

South Africa, Western Cape

We'll quietly launch ours as yet another chat app, but with a BRILLIANT twist which redefine how people communicate. Users will find such tangible value added to their lives that they'll abandon their

Capital needed

EUR 200,000

South Africa, Western Cape

Introduction: There is a gap in the telecommunications market and both the consumer as well as business is being exploited with exorbitant prices as there is no real competition. We can close that gap

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk

Лампа працює від сонячної батареї і автоматично включається день / ніч. Він виділяє номер та вулицю на фасаді будинку. Увечері люди можуть шукати номер будинку чи вулиці, і це важко помітити. Таксі, ш

India, Maharashtra

Rockinap is a IOT and Mobile technology based System-Application that helps Retail, F&B and Hospitality business to address 2 crucial KPI ratios to impact their profitability directly, unlike the

Capital needed

GBP 25,000

United Kingdom, East Midlands

Dubbed Fitbit for the Brain, Neuractive combines novel brain-tracking technology with integrated existing active wearable technology to produce the ultimate fitness companion. The fully inte

Capital needed

EUR 250,000

Switzerland, Zürich

Problem: Investing in crypto assets is cumbersome and laborious. It requires opening an account at an online exchange, going through KYC/AML verification procedures, depositing money, manually tr

Capital needed

EUR 1,000,000,000


World Advanced OG  Cloud-base SmartphoneOur aim is to simply create “Unbelievable, Unthinkable Technology”. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your hand but a