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USA, Nueva Jersey

Hi there, my name is Armond who is an inventor from NJ, USA and attempting to make an ergonomic product a reality. Currently I have a couple of key contacts/teammates that will ensure this venture suc

Capital needed

€ 500,000

South Africa, North West

Maxi-Plug Blast Optimization accessories is a ground breaking new device that is designed to safely, consistently and effectively produce a yield of 100% of the potential tonnage of ore that can

Capital needed

EUR 50,000

USA, Florida

The Take Cover Company explores the vulnerability of humans and the built environment and their inabilities to withstand the impacts of natural disasters. The purpose of our patented invention is

Capital needed

EUR 1,000,000


As known to all, heat-radiation can affect chilling efficiency. When the air-flow flows from the wide area to the narrow area it's speed will be increased. This is called Funneling Effect. It can be u