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Hybrid Core-Alpha

Project No: #19741
Capital needed
EUR 550,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 150000
Country: Germany
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We initially target a niche customer segment and the big gap in the market. In the nexus of geopolitics/security and business, our main targeted markets are risk analytics, neural network software, predictive analytics, AI platforms, and social media analytics. Starting with existing network, our focus target customers are governments & companies, international organizations, and academia respectively.
What you offer to investors?: 45% Tax reduction, strategic partnership with the early stage investors in the future

Our Unique Selling Proposition is Hybrid Intelligence – “Know the Unknown, Think Smart, Act Faster”. We develop hybrid intelligence-based Algorithmic Decision Support Systems for threat, risk and opportunity early detection and smart responses; targeted advertising and strategic communication; predictive crisis prevention and management. Why we are innovative? Firstly; our new methodologies and algorithms developed by cross-functional human-machine team will provide hybrid intelligence solutions which could be “game changer or game broker” in the market. Our algorithm-based hybrid intelligence solutions would revolutionize how we model, predict, and control complex systems. Secondly; we combine “corporate philosophy” and “think tank/research center concept” in a single structure which enables us to cover all dimensions of academia & business nexus, and public, private, civil society needs. Thirdly; Hybrid Core-Alpha is a kind of reflection of Industry 4.0 and Globalization 4.0 in public & private sector intersection. Our smart products and services will be developed and sold in line with future trends and necessarily digital business plan and digital marketing requirements. Our operating revenues from goods sales and service fees will be generated by 4 different customer groups. We expect to make money mostly from governments and companies operating in energy security, defense industry, automotive, construction, banking, health and food domains; then respectively IOs and academia. As the recurring revenue is the most predictable income, we will focus on the cash inflow which remains consistent with a stable customer base.

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