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Need Investment ROI 100%

Project No: #19601
Capital needed
EUR 150,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 30000
Country: Pakistan
State: Islamabad Capital Territory
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: We introducing a new and innovative way of learning, Kids University International offer our students education that is set to international standards. Our establishment always puts your child first ensuring their successful and bright future.

We want to provide 100% free one on one education after school hours; we want to eliminate tuition culture in our country. Also we will provide free live classes to public Schools.
What you offer to investors?: 180% ROI / 24 month

Every single
parent in the country wants to provide their children with the best education
available. Some go through with this thought and some don’t. The ones who do,
put in a lot of financial effort, with regular school and private tuition fees;
thus, it is mandatory for the children to provide them with satisfactory

Apart from the mammoth fee structure of both school and private tuition, there
is a host of different issues that come along. First thing first, tuition, in
their being, kills the very concept of schools and formal education. Imagine
paying Rs.30,000 monthly to a good school that provides A-class education, and
on top of that, having to pay another Rs. 8000 per subject to the private
tuition center/teacher. It makes as little sense as taking a driving test in

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