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Cashew Plantation and Processing Plant

Project No: #19413
Capital needed
EUR 1,280,600
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Minimum investment per investor: $10,000
Country: Nigeria
State: Anambra
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We have steady supply contracts from clients.
What you offer to investors?: 100% Gaurantee on investment funds.
49% Shares ratio.
50% of all profits.
Returns on investment From 12 months of commencement.

BUSINESS OVERVIEW: Life improving products and innovations is our passion. We achieve this by providing and continuously advancing "Whole man" services.
Our pivot channel is the Equipment Rental Service and Production of Organic Cashew Nuts and appendages.
Cashew is a highly sought after internationally traded commodity. People around the world consume roasted cashew kernels. 
Africa produces a fundamental part of the worlds cashew and exports to India, Vietnam and China where it is further processed.
Major consumers are US and Europe.

In India, Vietnam, and Brazil, every part of the cashew nut is processed to generate income. 

Uses of the Cashew Kernel: 
Consumed as nuts or as sauces, cakes or candies. 
Cashew Apples: 
Juices, wine/liquor, jellies, jams.
Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL):
Adhesives, paint, resin and other industrial materials. 
Cashew Peel: 
Brake pad linings,animal feed
Cashew Shell: 
Fuel for stoves and ovens.
Cashew Leaf:

An estimation of over 221,000 tons of Raw cashew nuts is exported from Nigeria and generates a sum of over $400 million annually, this has the potential of growing 100x, as India currently generates $2 - $4 Billion dollars annually from Cashew exports.

Executive Summary:
Obic Technologies Limited, is a registered company engaged in Equipment Hire Services, Farming and General contracts.

We are set to services a wide range of clientele local and international.

Obic Technologies Limited, is a company owned by Bonaventure Odinaka. Bonaventure Odinaka, has an ND. in Safety and Security Management, with over 7 years of experience in the Equipment Hire and Agro industry in Nigeria. A successful entrepreneur and teacher with exposure in 15 countries and cultures, groomed by the best in life and business success principles. Gifted with accumulated knowledge from mentors, Bob Proctor and Grant Cardone .

Our Product Offering:
We are in the Equipment Hire and Agro industry to service a wide range of clients and multiply wealth, we will ensure availability of variety of products that are interdependent,  generating multiple streams of income.
Products List:
Hiring of Equipments; Excavators, Bulldozers, Wheel loaders, Backhoe and Lowbed.
Wholesale of Organic Raw Cashew Nuts and bye products
Water Melon
Retreat / Recreation Resort
Whole man services (Think, Act, Become)
Training and Consultancy (Vocation,Skills)

Our Vision Statement:
To become the dominant company in whole man services  (Success, food, clothing, shelter) operating in 7 continents, reaching 7 billion souls.

Our Mission Statement:
To provide life improving solutions and innovations by advancing "Whole man" services. Psalm 23:2-3(Think,Act,Become)

Our Business Structure:
We operate the Farm and Equipment rental interdependently, generating multiple streams of income at lower cost.

All staff must go through 21 days paradigm shift orientation/ probation, absorb our vision and mission, then submit a hand written copy of five year fully detailed goal with affirmations before employment confirmation.

Our Team:
Chief Executive Officer:
Managing Director: Bonaventure Odinaka
Equipment Manager:
Farm Manager:
Sales and Marketing Manager:
Accountant / Cashier:
Contract Workers

High demand for Construction and Farming Equipments
Good climate for cashew production Availability of land, market, labour. 
High international demand. 
Low cost of production 
Security and Sustainability by purchase of freehold farmland with Certificate of Occupancy 
Comprehensive farm insurance 
Fencing with live fencing tree species (acacia) achieving barricade for animals, thieves, wind and fire
Value addition cashew bye products; 
The cashew apple - has multiple income generating potential, pressed for its juice, some of the juice will be fermented and processed into wine, others further distilled into liquor.
The apple pulp will be used to make candies, cakes, jellies and jams.
Some pulp can be dried and pounded into a couscous.
Excess pulp will be dried and used for animal feed As we go further, we will develop pulp conversion into energy as biofuel. Each unique product has good monetary value.

More sources of Income;
Apiculture - as bees can help cashew trees sustain a uniform nut and apple size, develop large nuts, adds more value to our cashew orchard, this we achieve by engaging a local bee keeping specialist. When we have many bees in the orchard during flowering time, more flowers will be pollinated and the resulting harvest will be better as bees travel up to 600 meters in search of flowers. The presence of bees also scares of likely intruders.

Cashew Value Chain Enhancement.
Cashew Nut Primary level white kernel has 33 grades from whole white to powder.
Secondary level roasted/salted.
Specialty kernels spicy/chocolate. 
Cashew nut butter. 
Cashew Apple Fresh fruit
Fresh juice 
Wine, Distilled liquor 
Ingredient in cakes, cookies, candies, jelly and jam. Couscous (dried and pounded) Dried fruit (for reconstitution), Waste pulp dried for animal feed, Apple waste converted into biofuel.
Honey from beehives in cashew plantations Candles and soaps from beeswax 
Cashew Shell Fuel source, Cashew peel (testa) for animal feed
Cashew seedling nursery, for transplanting 

Nutritional Value of Cashew
The vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content in a cashew apple is approximately 10 times more than pineapple and 4 times more than oranges 
(Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 2004)
It has medicinal properties used to treat scurvy, diarrhea,neurological pain, rheumatism and preventing cholera. 
The nuts consumption reduces tendency of heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, muscle degeneration and dementia.
Cashew nut is a complete protein source. 
A 2009 study published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests cashew can help with weight loss.

Our planned location, at the centre of the eastern and southern States, operating on both (physical and online outlets), varieties of payment options, wide range of products and our excellent customer service culture to do more than expected, will count as more strength for us. Our team of highly motivated staff is a plus for us.

Current absence of complete processing line
Losses due to animal foraging/ theft 

High Demand for all Organic Cashew nuts
Seasonal availability of Cashew fruits 
Numerous Construction projects
We currently have an annual order to supply 3000 tons of Cashew kernel to a manufacturing company in China.

Most likely threat is global economic downturn which affects purchasing /spending power. Price fluctuations.
Uncontrolled bush fire

Market Trends
Based on income and consumer sentiment, there has been a steady increase in international demand for cashew products over the past five years. Big players with enough funds to invest in multi-channel operations have benefitted more than smaller operators with minimal resources. 
As part of marketing strategies,we would give discounts to welcome new customers and also reinforce the loyalty of old customers

Our Target Market:
Brazil, Vietnam, USA, China, India, Europe

Our Competitive Advantage:
Unique merger of Equipment hire and farming produces an indomitable team, where our equipments will enable mechanised farming and also produce daily income for better ROI.
Ensuring we have lower cost of production and less idle time.
Brand New premium equipments with comprehensive insurance.
Engaging best farm practices.
Our well groomed positive minded employees motivated by unique welfare packages and assured future dedicated to achieve our vision and objectives. 
We will also give good working conditions and commissions to our freelance workers.

Start  Up Expenditure (Budget):
Registering the Business in Nigeria  Done
Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits  Done.
Marketing promotion expenses for the grand opening and as well as banners/ flyers printing (7,000 flyers) for the total amount of -$150.
Operational cost for the first 3 months (Basic)  $2,700
Cost of purchase and installation of CCTVs at Equipment yard- $700
The cost of launching our Website:- $150

Machinery required for Leasing and Cashew Plantation.
1    Backhoe tractor 92 hp.                               =$83,500.       
2    Excavators × $139,000.                              =$278,000.   
1    Bulldozer.                                               =$181,000    
1    Wheel loader.                                          =$83,333.        
1    Lowbed.                                                 =$85,000       
1    Utility truck 4×4.                                       =$15,000.    
20   Boom sprayers. ×$150                              =$3,000.          
2    Water pump     × $200                              =$400    
Machinery/maintenance yard                        =$50,000.  
 Nursery and Pruning tools                           =$1,000
EQUIPMENT TOTAL                                  =$780,233
303 hectares  ×  $1389/ha                            = $420,867
Establishment of 1 hectare cashew plantation (inter cropped with Watermelon in years 1 & 2)
 Item.              Quantity.        Unit Cost($)    Total/ha
Seedling             200.               0.28.               56
Preparation.                             20.                  20
Labor                                     10.                  10
(Clearing/Planting)                    10.                  10
Security.                                 30.                  30
Land Use                                  0.                   0
Equipment diesel/Operator.                                50
Inputs Labor.                                                  10
Grand Total.                                                  $186/ha
For 300 ha × $186 =                                        $55,800
Establishment of Piggery for Manure on 3 hectares =       $20,000

Commercial Harvest begins 4 years after planting. 
Planning with 200 trees/ha and average production of 10kg - 21kg per tree annually. 
We have 10kg × 200=2000kg/ha (2.0MT)  and  21kg × 200= 4200kg/ha (4.2MT)  
For 300 hectares per year we have. 300× 2.0MT= 600MT(lower value). 
300× 4.2MT=1260MT(upper value)   
Average Local market price is currently $1,250/MT. 
Average International market price is currently $1,800/MT.
Forecast with the local market price, we have 
600MT×$1250=$750,000/ha (lower value per year)  and 1260MT×$1250=$1,575,000/ha (upper value per year)
Sales with the International market price, we have (export)
600MT× $1800=$1,080,000 (lower value per year)  and 1260MT× $1800=$2,268,000 (upper value per year).

Monthly Rental Rate. (8hrs/day)
 1.Excavator            $340×21days                = $7,140
 2.Bulldozer             $370×21days                = $7,770  
3.Wheeloader           $190×21dys                 = $3,990.  
 4.Lowbed.              $200×21days                = $4,200
 MONTHLY TOTAL.                                   = $23,100.      
 ANNUAL INCOME × 11.                            = $254,000        
Equipment Rental
Cashew Nuts and bye products
Water Melon
Sales Projection based on the location of our business.
First Fiscal Year -:       $254,000 (19.9%)
Second Fiscal Year -:   $254,000 (19.9%)
Third Fiscal Year -:      $254,000 (19.9%)
Fourth Fiscal Year -:    $500,000 (39.16%)              
Fifth Fiscal Year -:       $500,000 (39.16%)              
Sixth Fiscal Year -:      $500,000 (39.16%)      
Seventh Fiscal Year -:   $1,000,000 (78.4%)
Future Expansion Projects:    
YEAR 4: 1000 Hectares Cashew Plantation and Complete Cashew Processing Factory for all bye products.       
Our Proposal:
The 300 hectares Freehold Farm Land with Certificate of Occupancy and The 6 New Equipments with Comprehensive Insurance all Registered in the name and particulars of the Financier shall serve as Funds Collateral.
We have all the requirements ready to start generating income from the first day of launching. We ensured this by contacting companies that buy our services and booked future placements.
We propose to carryout every detail of this plan and return a cumulative of 100% of capital with 50% profit in 5 years. Afterwards we operate at a share ratio of 50:50.

Bonaventure O.
O***Technologies Limited

©2018, O*** Technologies Limited.
No part of this business plan may be copied, shared or used without the written permission of the copyright owner.  

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