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Geo-targeted solutions

Project No: #19409
Capital needed
USD 50,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10000
Country: Australia
State: Queensland
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: -Busy negotiating first international deal with the support of that government
-Patents covering over 6 billion mobile subscribers
-Innovative new digital advertising technology
-Disruptive technology and solutions
-Final stage funding secured to commercialise solutions
-Demand and need for all our solutions
What you offer to investors?: 1 share issued for every 1 AU$ provided to us – to be retained by lender
10% interest on the loan, payable when funding is received
10% cash bonus payable when the funding is received
Or invest US$ 10mil for 25% equity before our funding becomes available.

Short Summary

Targeted mass, instant mobile messaging. Global IP with unique technology and solutions.

US$ 10 mil final stage funding secured. Delayed by Brexit until April.

Need short term funds for critical costs. 10% cash bonus + interest &

Loan plus bonus & interest refunded when funding received.

There is still an opportunity for a US$ 10mil investor for 25% equity, negotiable.

The Business

WHY – What Drives Us?

·  To provide the best and fastest mass messaging

·  Saving lives, avoiding injury & improving
quality of life

·  Excellent returns for investors via Ad delivery


A new information highway for ALL mobile devices:

·  Instant mass messaging to unlimited devices

· Simultaneous multi-media message delivery to
unlimited users without the internet or any need for user phone numbers

·  Enables delivery of instant rich multi-media
messages, immune to Ad blocking

·  Targeted location-based advertising independent of
the internet

·  Subscriber based & additional products and

Proven distribution platform, compatible with all mobile phones and O/S - need to
upgrade & integrate with patented location-based solution

Runs on a
fully operational but unused part of mobile networks

We have already invested US$ 24 million to get to the final stage and will
commercialise in 6 to 9 months from receipt of funding.

Our final funding was due in January and that date moved to April. We have unfortunately used
up our lending capabilities and require some short-term assistance with working
capital to cover patent costs etc. Lender/Investor risk is removed when we
refund your loan from the incoming funding.

Return on investment is at least 60% based on our worst-case scenario. Target markets are
governments, Telecommunications industry and advertisers. A detailed
information memorandum can be provided.

The Market

Target market varies per solution. Initially governments and Telcos. Mobile digital advertising revenue for 2018 exceeded
US$ 170 Billion per year. There are various products/solutions core products
will be commercialised first. More information can be provided in an Investment

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