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Worldwide Online Numbers Lottery

Project No: #19225
Capital needed
USD 15,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: $1,500,000
Country: USA
State: Nueva York
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Worldwide customer base
What you offer to investors?: Equity. Percentages TBD

Our new venture will be a worldwide, online only, numbers lottery that will be played continuously around the planet. We will offer 24 chances to win big each day, a new game every hour of every day, played by people around the globe simultaneously. We will remove the frustrating waiting period that is the inevitable part of today's Big Lottery jackpots with their only once or twice a week drawings (and why Lottery 'instant' and daily games are more popular than ever), and replace it with the opportunity to give the world's players the chance to win really big right now, with the drawing always just minutes away (every hour on the hour everywhere).

The worldwide customer base for Lottery, and other games of chance players, is more than 200 million every week, and can total more than 300 million per week many times. Truly enormous numbers. We will bring to them a new way to play the games they love - using their smartphones - that will revolutionize the way they play from this time forward. Our goal for the enterprise is to be generating a half billion dollars in revenue annually within 5 years after start up. 

Complete BP available with signed NDA.

FUNDING UPDATE: I have interest from a large funding source for the entire investment. I am now seeking one (1) or more angel investors to cover DD and other costs to close the deal:  $75K USD from one investor, OR, a minimum of $15K USD from each of five investors. ROI will be 5 pts. in the new company for the total investment needed ($75K) or 1 pt. for each $15K invested. That equates to $150K USD per pt. for a total equity of $750K USD with a quick buy back exit if the angel investor(s) desires. DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE FUNDING SOURCE CAN BE ARRANGED FOR ANY INTERESTED ANGEL INVESTOR.

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