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Project No: #19207
Capital needed
USD 50,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1,000,000
Country: UAE
State: Dubai
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: A high ROI on a company being run in India having its offices in UAE as well.
The investment can be made in USD in UAE in a SPV to diminish the hedging cost as well.
What you offer to investors?: An equity participation with yields going as high as 15% and securitization of the acquired book in the name of the investor managed by a multinational third party law/audit firm.
Business plan:

An existing financial/BPO company in India for the last 10 years is now expanding into the acquisition of NPA's for recoveries and in the mode to take over a small finance bank in India.

The company already has its own CRM systems, back office operations in India for Indian banks/FI's insurance companies and similarly for the UAE market.
The current staff strength of the organisation is 350+
We are now looking out for companies/individuals who would want to be a part of the new venture as equity shareholders or as a plain debt structure.
We are now offering a fixed and a minimum guaranteed return of 12% p.a. on the investment given to us, and have a structure wherein the return can go as high as 15% on the dollar.
This is collateralized by assignment of the entire portfolio to the investing company, managed by an independent third party law firm. 
A SPV will be formed for this purpose wherein the investor will be a part of the Board and will have full access to the execution of the transaction and the funds.
This SPV can be formed in India and/ or UAE as we have a sister concern in the UAE for our Indian company
The company is run by highly experienced professionals in the field of banking, finance, collections & recoveries, back office management for a combined 35 years+

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