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High Yield Asset-Backed Lending - USA

Project No: #19176
Capital needed
USD 250,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1,000,000
Country: USA
State: Nueva Jersey
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Lighthouse Fund: Lending platform
Loan/Property Type - Bridge loan, commercial real estate, construction & residential.
Loan-To-Value 65%
Preferred Rate to Investor 8%
Expected Yield 11%
Waterfall - Yes
Fund structure is 2% Management fee (paid quarterly) & 20% Performance Fee after Preferred Rate is delivered to investor.
1st position lien, deed in lieu of foreclosure, no owner occupancy.
Maximum life of loan is 12 months - averaging 6-9 months.
Lockup Period for the Fund is 2 years.
What you offer to investors?: We seek investment opportunities that will deliver our clients consistent absolute returns, create value and combine the characteristics of other fixed-income assets and the protection of real estate collateral.
Over 100 years and $4.3 billion of investment experience.
Business plan:
Additional documents:

MRA Capital Partners, LP is is registered under sect 506(c) and based in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA and operates a Hybrid Private Equity Real Estate Fund. The Fund consists of 2 strategies: The Lighthouse Fund - High Yield Asset-Backed Lending in the US and The Series B Fund: Equity & Debt investment in Commercial Real Estate. This capital raise is for the Lighthouse Fund however we welcome inquiries about our Series B Fund as well. Our overall capital raise between the 2 Funds is $250MM USD.

 The Lighthouse Fund: The High Yield Asset Backed Loan Fund seeks to provide long-term income with the potential for earning capital appreciation while offering a lower correlation to stocks and bonds thereby creating a potential inflation hedge. The unique profile of these carefully underwritten loans may provide the investor with a higher risk adjusted return than traditional fixed income investments while securing their principal with the hard asset of real estate.

Borrowers are experienced and well capitalized real estate investors, developers and builders with proven track records. All loans must pass MRA’s internal due diligence process and unanimous approval from the MRA Capital Investment Committee is required prior to funding a loan. 

Long standing relationships with loan originators, direct lenders and underwriters has provided MRA with the opportunity to diversify the portfolio by reaching borrowers throughout the United States. These relationships have produced over $40M of loan requests since April 2018. MRA services all loans in house and builds personal relationships with borrowers. Thorough underwriting, low LTVs, cross collateralization and short maturities help keep delinquency rates low while providing a hedge against rising rates.

MRA Capital Partners was formed in 2017 by members of MRA Advisory Group, a full service Registered Investment Advisory Firm that offers customized Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Tax and Estate Planning to high net worth individuals and businesses. Previously, MRA Capital Partners investment offerings were only available to investors already affiliated with MRA Advisory Group. MRA Advisory Group currently manages more than $170,000,000. MRA Capital Partners and its affiliates have over $4.3 Billion of real estate transaction experience.

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