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Help fund National Growth of Local Dining and Entertainment Website

Project No: #19022
Capital needed
USD 30,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5,000
Country: USA
State: Carolina del Norte
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: - Massive opportunity for growth
- Setting up licensing agreement currently
- get in on initial expansion
- Currently profitable
What you offer to investors?: Opportunity for % of profits as a shareholder.

I am looking for investors to help fund growth of a local dining and entertainment website to a national level.  We are creating a licensing agreement with the goal of expanding throughout the US or even internationally.  There are no limits! is a website featuring dining and
entertainment information as well as being a local business directory.
  Localscroll helps solve the problems that
businesses face with competition and getting their information in front of
prospective customers.
   We focus on
local areas connecting local customers to local businesses.
  Our goals are to introduce business to new
customers, keep business on the top of people’s minds, and follow best SEO
practices for great search results. 
We do this by using our website and social media
  Our website has 200,000+
visitors each year, we have 20,000 newsletter subscribers, and over 15,000
social media fans.
  Our website is
desktop and mobile friendly.
  Our website features a “Scroll page” that includes business
information, address w/ enabled maps, click to call, links to the business
website and other important links, daily scroll posts, coupons, photo albums,
and links to business social media.
 When users come to our site they can find specials and
events based on a search in the search bar for a particular business, visit our
calendar to find a specific date, or select featured events.
  Searches can occur based on business type,
category, or neighborhood.

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