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Social Media (find someone with the exact same interests like you, in seconds!) & E-Commerce (sell your products on google maps) Sensations

Project No: #19000
Capital needed
USD 1,500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 25000
Country: Switzerland
State: Aargau
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: New sensation in the digital world!
Making sells easier
Making friends easier
Become viral and seen global
Great potential products
What you offer to investors?: Shares
Business plan:
Additional documents:

Short Summary

I am planing 2 products: One that will immediately match people by the same interest, as chat in realtime The other one will give people the possibility to sell their old articles the fastest way possible That's not all, there are many others coming!

The Business

Our businesses main focus will be creating and selling new products in Social Media & E-Commerce, we will put anything known in the shadow. Our goal is global.

One of the products will make an ebay out of google maps, so that people can sell their old articles way faster and easier than with the actual ebay. Imagine you are leaving your home for another one and you don't want to spend too much time with advertisement to sell the things you don't want to keep anymore.

The other product is a sensation on it's own, it is very simple and comes with a lot of satisfaction for todays social media generation. We will create a chat, that will match 2 strangers with the same interests.

The Market

The possibility is unpredictable, the products can be sold worldwide without any doubt. The products are cheap in price but very interesting for a great majority of people.

The competitors do exist but the ones that have very similar concepts are still in beta and almost hidden inside the markets, we can do better, we can do much better.


Well first of all, I do expect very big business volumes in a couple of years, if not, I would have slept quite too often.
The short-term goals are making a good product, choosing a good way to do marketing and measure! 
measure measure measure to make keep costs low and increase sells so the company becomes more predictable and profitable.
I need creative people, I need people who are motivated and user friendly, and also I need investors that fully trust me in making a perfect job.

The Team

A highly motivated and eager CEO and a very helpful external company (webgear, whom I possibly will give the deployment task). I have checked on 7 others, 2 others might be a thing too, but webgear has so far shown the most competence.

Important note:

The project could also be done for less, around 500'000 USD, but it is very recommended to start with the capital needed.

The specification is made and also the development company is found. They may also invest in the project!

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