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Cryptocurrency Exchange & Mining Operation

Project No: #18997
Capital needed
EUR 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50,000
Country: Sweden
State: Stockholm
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: We will be the first exchange to offer trading between all 5 national fiat currencies of Scandinavia and the biggest cryptocurrencies to date.

In 2017 ICO's raised approx 5.6 billion dollars and in the beginning of 2018 they have beat that by raising a total of 6.3 billion dollars.
What you offer to investors?: We are willing to be very flexible when negotiating terms with the investor and we are willing to include equity, a convertible note, virtual tokens and even insurance or bond to show that we have a life long commitment to our venture.
Business plan:
Executive summary:


We are the Scandinavian Cryptocurrency Exchange, a project working to create the first exchange offering all 5 of Scandinavia's national fiat currencies directly paired against the worlds most popular cryptocurrencies. 

Our exchange platform will also be connected to a debit card which can be used to directly utilize cryptocurrencies in the real world. We are also


Current cryptocurrency exchanges are often not focused on user friendly design and native support for their customers. Cryptocurrencies are in general hard to manage and most exchange don’t offer even a single fiat currency, additional features/ products or has very high fees.


The Scandinavian Cryptocurrency Exchange is the one currency exchange Scandinavians and Europeans will ever need. Users from all around Europe will be able to find new market opportunities in our new trading pairs and have direct access to their funds using a connected debit card.


The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies has seen extreme growth, increasing from $26 billion in 2016/17 to a total of $450 billion in 2018. In general, 100,000 new users sign up to exchanges each day and with the biggest exchanges having earnings of upwards to $1.5 billion annually and no one go-to brand or Scandinavian options the opportunity is hard to overlook.

We are also opening a mining datacenter on Iceland utilizing the cold climate, renewable energy sources and local partners to create one of the most profitable cryptocurrency mining operations out there. 

Customers will also be able to rent hash power from the SCBC by paying with AETH (which is the only accepted payment) and receive pay-outs of cryptocurrencies directly into their SCCEX exchange account. By renting hash power customers can cut through the set-up installation cost, time and effort and start mining their favorite cryptocurrency straight from the get-go. Except for being a supportive part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and network, our cloud mining services also often offers customers more favorable rates for electricity and space than their current options as we utilize the cold climate of Iceland in conjunction with cheap and renewable energy sources for efficient and ethical mining

Our mining operation is one of the most profitable in the entire world thanks to extremely low power costs, low need for ventilation thanks to year-round cold climate and contacts within the mining community for getting hardware at discounted prices.

We are also raising additional funds for our operation through a so-called ITO (Initial Token Offering) where we sell our token to outside investors. Our token, called Arctic Ether (AETH) will be used on our exchange platform and offers discounts when trading. All of our other currencies will be connected to AETH on our exchange platform and by trading with those pairs customers will get a 50% decrease in fees. 

By investing before our ICO investors will get the chance to invest in a small company just before it gets big as well as a stable income from our mining operations by owning equity.

We already have over 10,000 customers signed up to our newsletter with minimal marketing and have hundreds of institutional customers with a need for exchanging very large volumes each month.

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