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Auto-Werk-Kunze PLC

Project No: #18991
Capital needed
EUR 2,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5000
Country: Germany
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to introduce our project to you.
our offer should not be limited to one brand. We want to buy and equip a portfolio and then serve the market individually.
We can offer the complete preparation as well as the acceptance at the regulatory bodies.
I invite you, if you are interested, that I send you our project including business plan, in advance, and you can get a first impression?
What you offer to investors?: we offer you
Participation in the PLC
as well as a high return

We are an innovative and modern family business. You can find us in Southern Germany, nearby the well-known river Danube. Although we already are continual growing we would like to improve ourselves.

The precondition for a successful commerce in that area is a solid and current supply of vehicle registration documents. As well as the stock of new cars and old-timers.

We are affine when it comes to old-timers, classical Italian cars and rare Japanese vehicles. Especially when it comes to the “classical” old-timers we want to provide for instance Mercedes and Porsche to our customers.



We are going to invest your provided money in:

New Vehicles and  Vintage Cars and Special Marks

Requirements in enterprise and Marketing

Together, with your help, we intend to particularly by vintage cars which are nit perceived as one get or as famous as well known marks, for instance Italien or Japanese vintage objects.

Furthermore, we plan to expand our portfolio concering extraordinary American vehicles as well as new produced cars. In this case we would also like to provide specific marks as in Shelby, Corvette, Dodge and others.

Such exclusive cars must be made even more unique, in car opinion, through Interieur-Styling or Tuning the engine.

Subsequently we plan to do go as well.

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