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The Pet Sanctuary E-Commerce Retail Project Funding

Project No: #18940
Capital needed
EUR 8,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 800000
Country: Luxembourg
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: One of the first or perhaps the First E-Commerce Hub in Luxembourg providing pet supplies to entire Europe and Eastern Europe. We need your business loan funding support to materialize this project and contribute great economy in Luxembourg.
What you offer to investors?: 15% extra cash from the Investment amount. With 15%, total Return of Investment in 10 years will be EURO 9,200,000. Annual Fixed Return of Investment of 10% of EURO 9,200,000 which will be EURO 920, 000, shall be returned on every 12th month.
Business plan:

One of the first or perhaps the First E-Commerce Hub in Luxembourg providing pet supplies to entire Europe and Eastern Europe.  We need your business loan funding support to materialize this project and contribute great economy in Luxembourg.  The name of our Business will be “The Pet Sanctuary”, giving pet lovers opportunities to create a pet sanctuary at the comfort of their home and our mission is, “Convenience is the Future”.

Business Investment needed: EURO 8 million. Return of Investment + 15% extra on top of Investment amount.  Total Return of Investment in 10 Years is EURO 9,200,000.  Annual Return of Investment to Investor proposed is EURO 920, 000 per year for 10 Years from the date of funds received.
Total Duration of Return of Investment:  10 Years
Funds Needed on or before 18 July 2018 negotiable.  We hope to get funded soon to secure a good property as Investment as company asset and to avoid missed golden opportunities to secure the business property.

Besides investing business operational property from the Investment amount as the business asset, some will be utilized to relocate from Malaysia to Luxembourg and balance as Working Capital.   With the sales revenue, Return of Investment will be allocated monthly such that by every 12th month of business, the Investor gets the annual return of Investment from the Sales revenue.

We wish to create employment opportunities, a great working environment and focus on our monthly sales of Euro 400, 000 per month by employing internet marketing specialists.  Good remuneration will be catered to the staffs for their great efforts in achieving monthly sales target.

Business Founder and Chairman: Mr. Mohammad Juani Ihsan Holdegaard alias Mr. Charles Jan Holdegaard (EU Citizen from Denmark)

Managing Director: Mr. Sufyan Adli Supiani from Singapore who have 18 years of managing his parent’s food business, worked 13 years in prestigious law firms in Singapore as an Executive. 

Mr. Charles’s De Facto Life Partner, Mr. Sufyan Adli Supiani have owned properties together and living in Singapore and Malaysia with Mr. Jan Charles Holdegaard (Denmark – EU Citizen) for the past 12 years
Both intends to migrate to Luxembourg by acquiring Resident Permit with Mr. Charles being an EU Citizen and Mr. Sufyan as his De Facto partner.    Mr. Charles have lived and worked in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.  With all the business skills that he possessed getting massive contracts for big companies, he hopes to settle down in Luxembourg and set up the e-commerce business for pets.   Both business owners have contributed tirelessly in doing volunteer work to rescue animals in Malaysia and are very passionate about animals.  

Upon receipt of funds, both Business owners will organize relocation and fly one-way ticket to Luxembourg to obtain Residence Permit.  In Luxembourg, to register a company business, business owners need to provide a business address. Thus, without delay, the business location will be purchased cash immediately with the Investment amount, get the company registration administration done and set up the business facilities and employment process.

We really wish we could get established by an auspicious date that comes once and never again, which is 18.8.18.  However, with months of planning and research, only with the miracle of our project getting funded, executions of many aspect of the business can be fulfilled. 

This statistic presents the number of pet cats in the European Union by country, as of 2017. Germany ranked highest with a cat population of approximately 13.7 million in 2017, followed by France with 13.5 million.   

With e-commerce online business and the fact that our main office is located at the heart of Europe in Luxembourg, products are deliverable easily to Germany and France being so near to Luxembourg.  That makes our business even more exclusive with the availability of our company.  Just like other big companies like Amazon and Skype, we prefer to choose Luxembourg as our head office even as the business grows and expands being the International Financial Centre.

As much as we initially require Euro 8 Million to start up, we are confident to make many more millions too with the Statistics of Cats and Dogs available in Europe.

As for Dogs, This statistic presents the number of pet dogs in the European Union by country, as of 2017. Germany ranked highest with a dog population of approximately 9.2 million in 2017, followed by the United Kingdom (UK) with 8.65 million. The number of dogs in Europe has seen a notable increase since 2010, with the number of dogs significantly increasing by more than eleven million from 2010 to 2017. The total amount of number dogs reported in 2017 was estimated at 85 million.

As the statistic shows, the United Kingdom is the leading European country for dogs, with over half of dog’s owners owning a pedigree dog. This term defines a dog that has a traceable ancestry and breeding line. This may be useful to pet owners when looking for an animal with good health conditioning, or if the owner is interested in a very specific look for the dog. Pedigree dogs are predominantly bread for purchase. 

In Romania, at least 46 percent of the population own one dog at home, this is nearly double that of the United Kingdom where 24 percent of the population own a dog.

We hope to hear a favourable reply from any Investor who can see our vision and give us an opportunity to kickstart this start-up business.   Business Location is subject to availability on the market and depending on the timing of the business investment being granted.

We are so ready and excited to fly to Luxembourg to get the business organized.  Even though the processes prior to being operational needs time, our focus is to consistently allocate Euro 76, 700 monthlies so that by every 12th month from the date of Investment Funds received, Investor will consistently receive the return of Investment on time.   

We are very confident that this business can succeed.  We have been praying hard for some kind investors to understand the desire of our passion in this project to materialize.  Money makes money and we can only plan, work hard and hope for the best.

Kindly email the Business Directors  for any good news.  We really need one.

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