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AYN - Get Anything You Need With a Click

Project No: #18935
Capital needed
USD 200,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10000
Country: India
State: Andhra Pradesh
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: -> Both the Services and Products are the key for economy and we are concentrating on both
-> Identifying the potential business area is first step and by our approach we create the business area.
-> Customer always willing to provide much if he gets things done with quality and in time he wanted. We provide the products or services from local individuals so they will be in time and the best , this will add extra trust and satisfaction to the bucket of customer which is important to AYN.
What you offer to investors?: We would like to offer 20% equity from total company to the investors with equally distributed based on the contributions.

AYN Services is a Indian Company whose aim is to provide Anything the customer need with just a click. From Services to Products,

Products such as Groceries, Bakery items , Medicine , Beauty items, Flowers and much more from vendors to customers in an affordable prices.
Services such as Home services like plumbing , electricians, carpenters, house cleaning and so, Beauty services like Home Saloon, Home spa, Physiotherapy and so.
Logistic services like Packers and movers, Bike transport, and so
Vehicle services like Taxi, Auto, Travel vehicles and so
Mechanic services like Automobile mechanics, Electronic Repair mechanics and so
Wedding services like  Wedding planners , Wedding photography, Pre wedding shoot and much more

We Connect Different Vendors and service professionals at one place with the customer so that what ever customer need it will be available with a click.

The prices of the AYN are reasonably low when compared to market prices by eliminating multiple middle mans between Vendor and the customer.

The services provided is from individual professionals instead of company or shop which increases the employment opportunities if you are good at something that's how we concentrate both wealth increase as well as increase in employment  opportunities.

Expansion Strategy : 

There are more than 500 Cities in India which are developed or semi developed in which all the eCommerce or  Service based industries are concentrated only on 10 to 15 cities leaving huge opportunity in the other 450+ cities.

Our Main aim is to establish as solid base in all those cities before entering into competition with already established entities to avoid pre startup competition problems as well as reduce financial burdens on the company and enter into Indian market with a boom by showing a opportunity which is already there but neglected.

Protocol we use:

We select /Identify potential individuals all over the selected cities and districts and give them an offer of 30% on total profit on their City/District for maintaining and getting business done in the city. 
As the profit they gets depends on how well they improve the business in their area , there is always a 100 percent effort from them to get more business increasing overall business for AYN.

Where can you see us:

Please be noted that the website you see is just a protocol to understand the business flow and we stated it only in Nellore , Andhra Pradesh, India  as of now. 

We are working on the final release where we will be concentrating on customer experience in getting anything they need without even spilling a sweat. I strongly suggest you to visit our about us section to understand us better before taking any decision. 

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