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Beef production facility

Project No: #18281
Capital needed
USD 20,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 100
Country: Kenya
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Land available
Water source available
Farm truck available
What you offer to investors?: Equity negotiable

I have invested in 15 acres of land in Makueni county of Kenya, dug a borehole and installed water pump to act as a water source.I also own a farm truck. My land is near Kajiado county, home of the pastoralist community of Maasai. 

Each year, I see emaciated beef cattle animals sold at very low prices. 

I have an idea to set up a beef finishing project where we would 

(a) Purchase animals from neighbouring counties. We would select animals which have potential for healthy weight gain if treated properly

(b) Maintain the animals for a 90-120 day hyper-care period where they are fed well, de-wormed, sheltered etc with the aim of gaining healthy weight and producing high quality beef. 

(c) The animals would then be sold to Kenya Meat Commission beef facilities as prime quality beef.  

Feeds would be obtained by mixing rations of hay (straws and grass), grain and other feed concentrates/bases such as wheat pollard, maize germ

Target would be 100-150 animals per cycle.

(a) Value-add to animals to fetch better prices and earn a fair return on investment
(b) Act as a rescue centre for animals which are in the care of pastoralists who can no longer get enough food for them
(c) Waste from animals (manure) can be further processed into compost/organic fertiliser for sale to nearby subsistence farmers. Additionally, a portion can be donated to schools and other local community facilities to enable them improve their farming.

What is needed:

Land + water + farm vehicle for transporting feeds already available. What is needed is capital to (a) Set up the animal shelters, 
(b) Construct feeding areas ie. the feedlot system + watering points
(c) Purchase feeds and supplies (deworming equipment, insecticide control kits) 
(d)purchase the initial stock of 100 animals.
(e) Enlist veterinary doctor services
(f) Hire animal caretakers

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