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Capital needed

USD 150,000


The Spa industry is a billion-dollar industry not only in Kenya but also around the world with its increase every other year. In 2017, there were over 149,000 spas, earning $93.6 billion in


Our business model is bring nursing home or old folks home services to costumer 's door step, 1. We setup up a center which with radius 5KM coverage,2. We install few equipment in customers' hous

Capital needed

EUR 500,000

Germany, Berlin

I need investitor for distribution for Best-selling  products in my country. Capsules made from strong Brazilian herbs for detoxing the body, boosting energy, immunity , anti ages program, recove

Capital needed

USD 200,000

USA, Illinois

Two proprietary formulas:1 - a natural proprietary blood sugar formula which we patented and has been clinically tested2 - this is a symbiotic, which is a more advanced probiotic due to it being mixed


We recruit participants for microsampling studiesInterestingsamples specializes in participant enrollment for studies that use dried-matrix-spots (blood, saliva urine, sweat) and VAMS ™ technology. Ou