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We looking for Investors and Shareholder

Project No: #16400
Capital needed
EUR 40,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10000
Country: Germany
State: Bayern
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Bio-energy (ethanol) manufacture for 11,33 Mio. EUR, EBITdA last year 17,5% with more real estate to expanse in Eastern Europe.
Bio-energy (plasma) with ROI 35-40% ready to build in Eastern Europe, initiator from Austria. 25 Mio., share 10% to 49,9%

Internet-project 40.000 EUR share 10.000 EUR - 30.000 EUR
What you offer to investors?: You get following conditions:
buying or sharing,
dormant equity holding 5 - 12% p. a.
shares 10 - 90% of the projects / companies

we have projects till 1.500.000.000 EUR in pipeline.
You get business planes if we get a NDA!

We have many projects via online-portal.

 Renewable-Energies, Financing-Leasing and more

Volume from 40.000 EUR to 25.000.000 EUR , ROI from 10 - 40%
Energy-projects are ready to build or on grid (EBITdA 10-18% p. a.).

We have many mandats and leads (Volume 68 Mio. EUR), looking ourself to find a shareholder to expanse our website- and finance- network.

We have other projects such as online or vehicles. See more listings!

Wir haben auch weitere Projekte z. B. im Online- oder Kfz-Bereich. Siehe weitere Inserate!

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