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Capital needed

EUR 30,000,000


This hotel is located in AlgiersOran receives 20 million tourists a year, making it a tourist pole. That is why we want to set up a hotel with restaurants, tea rooms and a swimming pool to meet the to

Capital needed

GBP 500

United Kingdom, West Midlands

Peacock beds is a budget-friendly type of hostel for travellers; basically, a shared accommodation where potential tourist share experienced, and interact with one another. Peacoc


We are hotelresidencetashkent group.After months of Hospitality market research our team collaborated to design and calculate profitable investment project in Tashkent capital of Uzbekistan with payba

Capital needed

€ 10,000,000

South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

Good day,I want to buy 4 guest houses in KZN. They are all fully running and have employees and everything. I also want to get a printing business going as well as events business. So I can do wedding