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USA, Delaware

Profesional Online Invoicing SystemNow you can create your invoices quickly and easily and send to your customers by emailManagement of Customer and Suppliers InvoiMax allows you full c

Australia, Victoria

Ever been stuck and hungry in a new city? Unsure of the options around you? toPick is here to help. Customised to fit your needs, toPick is designed to assist travellers and locals alike discover the

Capital needed

EUR 550,000


Our Unique Selling Proposition is Hybrid Intelligence – “Know the Unknown, Think Smart, Act Faster”. We develop hybrid intelligence-based Algorithmic Decision Support Systems for threat, ris

Capital needed

USD 150,000



Spain, Las Palmas

System of access or identification with technology that guarantees that the message is delivered to its user, the delivery of the key is not necessary. It is a cheap system (economy of scale). No need