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Capital needed

EUR 150,000


As far as this business is concerned, no formal structured company is in existence. The company could have been in existence had there been a positive marginal propensity to save. What is in existence

Philippines, Zamboanga del Sur

Agua de Kuya Bottled Water Factory will be the first manufacturer of purified bottled drinking water in Zamboanga City, Philippines. It is clean, pure and safe water inside a professional design

Capital needed

USD 10,542,127

South Africa, Gauteng

A new technologically advanced production plant with higher cost efficiencies that enhance competitiveness. Dvine Ash plant- It is a profitable fly ash operation with technical skills that will provid

Capital needed

€ 1,000,000

USA, Florida

This project idea is in the bottom stages. I basically had the idea 2-3 months ago to make a device to take D batteries.get a price if metal real hot and form a cage to protect swimmers. Investors wil

Capital needed

USD 420,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

PT Asahi Esda Electric domisili di Tamansari Hive Office lt 6 Kav 3 Jl DI Panjaitan Cipinang Cempedak Jatinegara Jakarta Timur menerima pekerjaan dari PT Pollux Barelang Megasuperblock proyek lokasi d

Capital needed

USD 7,000,000

Australia, Victoria

Worlds Greenest Brewery project looking for A JV partner or Angel Investor to partner with us on a large Brewery, Visitor Centre, Australian Beer Museum, Restaurants & Bars + Entertainment space f

Capital needed

USD 1,800,000


To set up a 1 stop chocolate experience consisting of a manufacturing plant cum chain retail business targeting tourists in KL and Penang prime area and locals.  The business will be supported by

Capital needed

EUR 100,000


Necesito Financiacion hasta 100 000EURO. Tengo que invertir en una empresa de diseño y fabricacion ascensores la base de la fabrica "L****** (Spain) en la zona franca de pais Armenia. La empresa