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Latest Projects

Invest in precious stones (emeralds and others) and gold in the ingots (bars)

EUR 1,000,000

Capital needed

We offer various precious stones for sale:Emeralds, Brilliants, Amber, Diamonds, Rubies, Topaz - large quantities on request.In addition, we have an offer to sell exceptional specimens of these stones...


€ 3,000,000

Capital needed
South Africa, Western Cape

Women for decades have been searching for sensible high-quality, beautifully uniquely designed shapewear. This made me realize that there is an untapped niche that does not exist anywhere in the world...


USD 150,000,000

Capital needed

Yafamba Capital Investments (Pty) Limited (YCI), is a Namibian incorporated financial services entity that was founded by Namibian professionals in 2017 whose unlisted asset management licensing b...

New Business Startup

USD 147,000

Capital needed
USA, Pensilvania

I am looking for a $147,000.00 investment for 49% of the new business.We expect to net $400k the first year and $3mil the second yrThe new owner/partner will receive 49% of the net profit.I will do al...

New business startup

USD 147,000

Capital needed
USA, Pensilvania

I am looking for a $147,000.00 investment for 49%of my new startup business..  We expect to  net $400,000K the firstyear and $3mil the 2nd yr.   Of which the new owner partner willrecei...

Fabricación de Tortillas de Sangre

USD 300,000

Capital needed
Peru, Lima

Mi proyecto es la fabricación de Tortilla en polvo de sangre, para combatir la anemia, en mi país hay una necesidad de este producto y hay programas de gobierno para combatir la anemia, este es un pro...

Soko Uganda

USD 5,000

Capital needed

Soko Uganda is an initiative which was developed in partnership with the ministry of trade industry, cooperatives, Abercom Uganda Technologies limited and Uganda Manufacturers Association in 2018 whos...

Bulgarian bank

USD 40,000,000

Capital needed
Bulgaria, Sofia

Target was founded on the 27th of December 1994 as a credit institution established in compliance with the Law on Banks and the Commercial Act of Republic of Bulgaria. The Bank has a full banking lice...

Santa Lucía mine

EUR 10,000,000

Capital needed
Mexico, Guerrero

The Santa Lucia mine is located in one of the states of Mexicowith the highest mining boom. Santa Lucia Project is visualized as a deposit with world class potential that includes deposits of Cu-Mo...


USD 450,000

Capital needed
South Africa, Gauteng

Hayden Cobra is a premium Cobra replica manufacturer. We have been building these cars since 1984. We offer a great car with premium suspension and chassis design for increased safety and performance....

Mock Meat / Artificial Meat Production line

EUR 100,000

Capital needed

We are a factory focusing on Soy based products and we are looking to add a new line to our production catalog for Mock/Artificial Meats based on soy, wheat and corn. We have got our own sales ch...

Automotive Precipitation Sensor

USD 600,000

Capital needed
Israel, Haifa

The project relates to a capacitive type precipitation sensor for automatic control of vehicle wipers’ operation. More particularly, to a rain sensor that is attached to a windshield glass of a vehicl...

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Popular Projects

car-portal looking for investors or shareholder

Germany, Bayern

EUR 500,000

Capital needed

car-portal looking for investors or shareholder

Germany, Bayern

EUR 50,000

Capital needed

Combined heat and power plant in Semey city with power 500 Megawatt


USD 1,800,000,000

Capital needed
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