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Latest Projects

Digital Interactive English Lessons

USD 75,000

Capital needed
Thailand, Bangkok

New Affordable & Convenient Way to learn or improve your English skills. Kids, teens and adults.Digital Interactive English Lessons created the way learners and parents want. If for some reas...

El Bosco Natural Spring Water

USD 2,200,000

Capital needed
Costa Rica, Guanacaste

OPPORTUNITY: To build a natural spring water bottling plant in Costa Rica that will deliver high quality spring water that will deliver sales of over 5 million litres of water by the second year of op...

Knowledge Management

USD 300,000

Capital needed

I would want to set up a knowledge management company where it will act as a market research and provide surveys of different stocks and financial potential and market fluctuations as well as providin...

TCS Equipment

USD 2,500,000

Capital needed
USA, Ohio

The Equipment Store is planning on opening an equipment sales, service and parts store in the existing vacant K-Mart building in Gallipolis, Ohio area early in 2018.  It is our belief that the pe...


USD 45,000

Capital needed
USA, California


Chain Restaruant

USD 2,500,000

Capital needed
USA, Oregón

Howdy potential partners ,   We need to start a chain of restaurants called Just Beef  , which will be a menu made up of using KOBE Beef as the only meat , and this meat be raised ...

Fiber Optic cable Installer - Company seeking investor for expansion

USD 30,000

Capital needed
Philippines, Cavite

We are looking investor to our growing company for expansion. We are expertise in fiber optic installation both underground and aerial for Telecommunication company. Our company is based in Philippine...

Daily Sales

USD 75,000

Capital needed
New Zealand, Taranaki

I am running a very small online sales business with name daily sales. I want to expand this business with a great idea of selling through 3 different channels. In New Zealand, it is very easy to run ...

HIP Vodka Global Brand

USD 500,000

Capital needed
Canada, Ontario

We are looking for VC investment into our HIP Vodka Global Brand. We are close to launch, we have patented our Bottle Design -" Industrial Patent pending". Our bottle design is innovative and unique. ...

The FunTimes App

USD 250,000

Capital needed
South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

The FunTime App is an on-demand Alcohol service that allows you to request liquor from local bottle stores through applications for iPhone and Android devices. The service uti...

Vacantion Housing Projects

EUR 200,000

Capital needed
Greece, Attica

we have developed along the  way several   projects   for permanent or temporal   Housing on  the country side   Island or the continet  =  ...

Island Recycling Bahamas

USD 100,000

Capital needed

The purpose of this proposal is to raise funds for the development of a recycling collection center. Island Recycling Bahamas is a Nassau, Bahamas based company that will acquire recyclable goods with...

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Popular Projects

car-portal looking for investors or shareholder

Germany, Bayern

EUR 500,000

Capital needed

car-portal looking for investors or shareholder

Germany, Bayern

EUR 50,000

Capital needed

Combined heat and power plant in Semey city with power 500 Megawatt


USD 1,800,000,000

Capital needed
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